1673 Sarah 483 344

Memorandum that on or about the ffoure and twentieth day of november 1673 Sarah Strudwick of Petworth in the County of Sussex Spinster lying sick of the sicknes whereof she dyed And being in good mind and memory Did make and declare her last will and testament by word of mouth in these or the like words following (viz)

I give and bequeath all my estate unto my loveing mother Anne Strudwick for her to dispose of as she shall think fitt And then her said mother being present said thus unto her I fear Sarah this will not doe or to that effect whereupon she the said Sarah replyed using these words (viz)

Why mother, I am in as pefect sence as ever I was in my life And therefore I pray Cousen Jane Young and Mary Sherier (who were also then present) beare it in your mind both of you whith word or words to the like effect she the said Sarah soe uttered and spake in her perfect mind and memory with intent they should stand for and be her last will and testament nuncperative

in the presence and hearing of the said witnesses hereunder subscribed Jane Young Mary Sherrier

Probatum to Anne Strudwick mother of the deceased April 1774