Henry Strudwicke Kirdford Carpenter 1659

In the Name of god amen, this sixth day of september I Henry Strudwicke of Playstowe in the parish of Cirdford in the county of sussex Carpenter being sick in body but of good and perfect memory thanks be to the almighty god and calling to remeberance the uncertain state of this transitory life and that all flesh must yeald unto death when it shall please god to call do make and constitute and ordayne and declare this my last will and testament in manner and form following and revoking and annulling I by this all and every testament and former wills or wills heretofore by me made and declared either by words or by writing

And this to be taken as my last will and testament and none after and I being penitent and sorry from the bottom of my heart for my sinnes past most humbly desiring forgiveness for the same I give and bequeath my soule unto almighty god my saviour and redeemer in wjhom and by the meritsof jesus christ and believe assuredly to be saved and to have full redemption and forgiveness of all my sinns and that mysoule with my body at the day of redemption shall rise again some day and through the merrits of christ’s death passion rejoice and inherit the kingdom of heaven prepared for his effort and xxx

And I desire as to be buried in the aforesaid church of cirdford and now to the settling of my temporasll estate and such goods chattells and debts as which pleased god far above my desire to bestow apon me I order give and dispose the same in manner and form following(that is to say)

First I will that all the debts and duties as I owe in right or consent to my xxx of or persons whatsoever shall be well and truly contented and paid or ordained to be paid within a convenient time after my decease by my executrix my wife.

item I give and bequeath my house and land in the parrish of wisborough greene to my eldest sonne and him to enjoy it when he comes to the age of twenty and one years

item I give and bequeath my house and land in the parrish of cirdford to my youngest sonne and him to enjoy it when he comes to the said age of twenty and one years

item I give and bequeath the summe of 15 pounds of good and lawfull english monie of england to the child in my wifes woombe and the said monie to be put out for the maintenance of the said child and the said child to have it when he comes to the age of twenty and one years

item it is also my will that my wife shall enjoy all my goods whatsoever and alkso the rent of my houses for the maintenances of herself and children in case she shallkeep herself a widdow until the children shall come the age of twenty and one years.

but if it shall happen that my wife shall marry again another man then the children shall chose from guardians and the goods shall be equally divided and sha and the children shall enjoy and take their share of the said goods equally divided amongst them

and as for the rfents of the houses she shall have the third part of the rents every year and the children shall have the other two parts divided amongst them for their mayntenance

in witness whereof I hereunto set my hand to this my last will and testament henry testament witnessed hereunto william mose william vinson

this will was proved at london the eighth day of october in the year of our lord god one thousand and six hundred and fifty nine before the judges for probate of wills and granting administrations lawfully authorised by the oath of Anne strudwicke the relict and executrix withinn the said will to whom was committed administration of all and singular the gooods and chattells and debts of the said deceased her being sworn by oaths truly to administer