Margaret Strudwick of Kirdford 1586 Chichester wills Vol 14 Page 13

In the name of god Amen the xijth day of ffebruarye in the yere of our Lord God 1585 I margaret Strudwick of Kyrdford in the countie of Sussex wydowe beynge Sick in bodie but wholl of mynd and of good and perfect Remembrance laud and prayse be unto Almightie godd make and ordayne this my present testament concernyng therein my last will in manner and form ffollowynge that is to saye

ffirst I comend my soule unto almightie god my maker and Redeemer and my bodie to be buried in the churchyard of Kerdford

Item I give to the high church of Chichester iiij d

Item I give to the parish church of Kyrdford iiij d

I give and bequeth unto Thomas Strudwike of Slybourne my godson one ffetherbed with all things belongynge to the same and my ggreate bras pott

Item I give and bequeth unto william Strudwyke Joyce Strudwyke Mary Strudwyke and Grace Strudwyke the children of my Daughter Joane Strudwyke of Slyborne two ffyne — my will is that william and Joyce should have the best

Item I give and bequeth unto John Perlie children of Midhurst xl of good and lawfull monye of england to be equally divided amongst them

Item I give and bequeath to Henry Strudwyke children of hillsgreene xxx of like lawfull money of England to be equally divided among them

Item I give and bequeth unto William Strudwyke (blot) Strudwike and Agnes Strudwyke my sonn William Strudwyk children of Idehurst deceased

Item I give unto the said Willm Strudwyke Two ? ? ? ?

Item I give unto Johane Strudwyke daughter unto Henry Strudwyke of Hillsgreene and to ? Perly daughter unto John Perlye of Midhurst two payr of silver ? of the which the said Johane Strudwyke shall have the best

Item I give and bequeth unto Marye Strudwyke wif unto Thomas Strudwyke of Stand green one cupboard.

Item I give and bequeth unto mother Gaparie(?) a petycote

Item I give and bequeth unto Joane Strudwyke my daughter all the rest of my ?

Item I give unto all my godchildren vi d a peece

Item I give to be bestowed unto the poore people which shall accompanye me to my buriall xx s

All the rest of my goods unbequeathed I give unto my three Daughters Doryty Perly Joane Strudwyke and Alice Strudwyke to be equally divided among them

Allso my very will and meanynge ys that all the goods which I have given to my Daughters children as aforesayd shalbe delivered unto them by my executor and overseers hereafter to be namyd when they shall acomplish and come to the age of xv(?) years

And if it fortune that any of them die or decease before they acomplish their said age That then I will and bequeth his part or her part so deceasing unto his or her brother or sister or brothers or sisters of him her or them then survivynge and to be delivered to them when they shall acomplish theyr sayd age of ffifteen yeres.

And of this my precent testament I make and ordayne Henry Strudwyke of hillsgreene my whole executor and for his labor and paynes I bequeth unto hym iij s iiij d over and above all his reasonable charges

And I make and ordayne my Sonn in law John Perlye of Midhurst to be overseer of this my precent testament

Thes beinge witnesses John James(?) John Strudwyke et al

Probate 20 July 1586