In the name of God Amen I Ann Stradwick widower of the parish of Chisenton in the county Surrey I being weak in body but of good and perfect memory thanks be to Almighty God I do make this my last will and testament in manner and form following

Ffirst I recommend my soul to God that gave it me and now for settling my temporal estate and such goods and chattels and debts that I die possessed with I do give in form following that is to say

Ffirst I will all those debts and dues that I owe to any person or persons whatsoever shall be truly paid and after my fear expenses are paid

Item I give and bequeath all my wearing apparel in all my linen unto the five following persons that is to say my sister Sarah Hew and her two daughters Ann Hew and Elizabeth her sister and my two neices Ann Burd wife of James Burd and her sister Elizabeth Bridges

And now for all my other effects I die possessed with a gift to the nine following persons to be equally divided among them that is to say my brother James Weller and his three children his son Will Weller and his two daughters Ann and Elizabeth and to my sister Sarah Hew and until the two sons and two daughters John Hew and Thomas Hew Ann Hew and her sister Elizabeth

And I nominate and appoint Henry Drake of Hook and George Comber Chisinton in the said County my executors to this my will to see it is performed signed and sealed this 18th day of April in the era of our lord 1782 and in the 22nd year of the rain about sovereign lord George the third team of England where are to live set my hand and seal this 18th day of April 1782 the mark of Ann Stradwick in the presence of Thomas Drake the mark of Jane Allingham William Stanford

Probatum April 6, 1784 to Henry Drake, grant to George Comber reserved