Sussex Inquisitions

Surrey Record Society

998. RICHARD STRODEWYKE of Amblehurst, yeo Vol. 85, No. 44 Petworth 26 Oct. 1 Edw. VI Died 21 Oct. 38 Hen. VIII Heir, son John S. aged 30 and more

Lands- R.S. and John S. were seized of a messuage, etc. and land called “Shiborne” in Wisborow green, and by names of R.S. senr., and J.S. his son and heir apparent, by deed 22 June 37 Hen. VIII. granted to Henry Strodewyk and John Napper to grant back to R.S. with remainder to William S. son of R.S. and his (Wm.’s) heirs, which they did on 23 June. R.S. seized of manor of Amblehurst in Wisborowe green, and by deed 24 June 37 Hen, VIII. granted to same trustees for self, and then for John S. his son and heir and John’s heirs. R.S. and J.S. seized of “Graffhams” in West Grinstead, and granted to same trustees for R.S. and after for Richard S. his son and his (Richard’s) heirs

999 JOHN STRUDWICKE Vol. 232. No. 5 Chichester. 3 April 34 Eliz. Died 20 July 32 Eliz. at Wisborough Green Heir, son John aged 24 and more

Lands- John Perryer and Wm. Perryer enfeoffed J.S. and Alice his wife with lands in Wisborough Green and Rudgwick to selves and heirs. Alice survives at Heringham

1000 WILLIAM STRUDWICK. Vol 233. No 72 Chichester, 2 Oct 34 Eliz. Died last May 26 Eliz. Heir, son William, aged 10 years and 3 months.

Lands- “Purbright alias Ivehurst” in Herdeford gave by writing to Joyce his wife for life and after to right heirs. Will quoted, mother Margaret S. -yougest son Henry S.

1001 THOMAS STRUDWICKE Vol. 340, No. 195. E.G. 6 Oct. 11 James. Died 29 Nov. 1599 Coheirs, daughters Joanna S. aged 12 years 6 months, Susanna S. aged 6 years 1 month, Anna S. aged 3 years 6 months, and Mary S., aged 1 year 11 months 10 days

Lands- “Cockings,” “Lughurst” and “Hibborne” in Wisborough Green

1002 THOMAS STRUDWICKE Vol. 338, No. 16 Lewes, 16 April 11 James. Died 7 Jan. 8 James at Westborow Green Heir, son Wiliam, aged 17 years 1 month 20 days at Inq.

Lands in Westboro Green.

1003 ROBERT STRUDWICKE Vol. 370, No. 84 Petworth, 10 April 16 James. Died 28 Jan 1616. Heir, son Henry, aged 13.

Lands- “Crowcheslande” in Herdeford, also “Nutthurst” and “Burchfold” in K. “Speares” and “Rayles”. Made will 16 Jan 1616 (14 James) and left to his son Henry, paying William S. his second son £50 at 21, and appointed Wm. Strudwicke of Hills Greene and George Amye ex’ors in trust till Henry was 21. Elizabeth his Widow survives at Herdeford.

1004 WILLIAM STRUDWICKE Vol. 582, No. 154. Petworth, 19 March 14 Charles. Died 18 June 14 Charles. Heir, son Henry S. aged 34 years.

Lands-“Marshalls” in Kerdford, and “Frythfould” and other lands in Kerdford.

1005 WILLIAM STRUDWICKE. Vol. 607, No. 94. Petworth, 13 April 17 Chas. Died 25 Jan. last. Heir, son William, aged 19 years 1 month.

Lands called “Lowfold” in Wisborough Green. Made will 9 Jan. last, and left to Wm. S. his son. Katherine S., the widow, survives.