Welcome to the One Name Study for the name of Strudwicke.

This web site  is, or intends to be,  host to all and anything STRUDWICK, and also the common and related variations of the name.The site is growing continually, as new material is added.

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Initial inspiration for the website grew from the excellent website of Garry L. Strudwick,

The Sunstruck Forest

and from my own research into my immediate family line of STRUDWICKE (hence the predominance on these pages of spelling of the name with the ultimate ‘e’) This research eventually lead to an interest in the overall evolution of the various permutations and branches. The difficulties faced living across the world from the most useful repositories of data also encouraged me to make available the material I have collected to assist others in their research. This site is a combination of both the specific genealogy research, and the more broad name study material. With a name such as Strudwick, which current thinking would suggest had a single place of origin around Kirdford,  in the Sussex/Surrey border region, (Garry Strudwick has as an excellent treatise on this), it is possible  that the genealogical data and the One Name Study will eventually become one, as all branches merge to just a few, deep in the past.

Some history of the name, as is my current understanding, can be found among these pages,as well as my collections of register entries, wills and indexes.

A range of other material covering every and any reference to Strudwick and variations that I have found, whether in court cases, newspapers, directories or elsewhere, is gradually being added to these pages as I get time to undertake the transcription to a format for the web.

In an effort to tie together as many branches of the Strudwick family as possible, I have gradually been collecting Strudwick trees wherever I can find them. Have you added your branch yet? Considerable research has been undertaken on the Strudwick’s of the 16th and 17th centuries, and the various linkages of generations have been included among these pages. As well as the main lists and indexes,

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